Family Outing to Tiburon

Family Outing to Tiburon

On Sunday, 26 January 2020, Peggy drove us to Blackie’s Pasture on the way Tiburon in her new Porsche SUV. Chris is “feeding” the statue of Blackie the horse who was pastured here for many years. Joining him are Mary, Peggy, Frank and Laurie, along with my shadow.

Blackie's Pasture Tiburon

Chris, Mary, Peg, Frank, Laurie

Blackie’s Pasture is on Richardson Bay, on the way to Belvedere where we drove around admiring the fabulous homes. Peggy had just returned from her fabulous vacation to Sydney, Australia, cruise around New Zealand, and a stay in Maui.

Blackies Pasture Map

Chris and Mary Rose stopped by the Old Rail Bike Trail sign for a quick snap.

Old Rail Trail

Chris and Mary

The day before, they visited Mom’s grave in San Rafael.


The Corona virus was sweeping Wuhan, China that weekend. Here’s Chris’s version of how it would affect us.

Another picture taken on Peggy’s terrace.

Chris Laurie Frank

Here is a selfie that Chris took while we were at the park.

Selfie of Chris and Siblings

Top: Net, Law, FX
Bottom: MR, Peg, Chris

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