You Are What You Tweet

You Are What You Tweet

Jamie Reuben Hosts Book Launch for 'The New Digital Age' By Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen“The New Digital Age” by Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen points out that, “by 2025, the majority of the world’s population will, in one generation, have gone from having no access to (uncensored) information to accessing all of the world’s information through a device that fits in the palm of the hand.”

Eric Schmidt is the Executive Chairman of Google and Jared Cohen is the Director of Google Ideas, coming from a State Department and Security background. They have so many interesting scenarios of how things could be in the future that on page 53, I came up with a Movie of the Weeks idea about a fearless war correspondent working secretly because the system is set up so that even his editor does not know his/her identity. She was recruited “Charlie’s Angels” style by the senior editors who recruit and vet correspondents.

The focus of the book is quite international and the policy implications fill the last half of the book. They end with this thought:

the virtual and physical civilizations will affect and shape each other; the balance they will strike will come to define our world. In our views, the multidimensional result, though not perfect, will be more egalitarian, more transparent and more interesting than we can even imagine.

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