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Kitchen Grout

Kitchen Grout

Some quick notes on replacing the silicon seal near the sink. I should have had a little bullnose ledge installed behind the faucet when the sink was put in but I did not know how to negotiate the curved corner. Now water collects in the crack. Spraying it with vinegar will kill the mold.

Silicone Seal Kitchen Sink

I applied the sealant heavily in the hope it would be easier to remove than the previous thin seal which broke easily upon removal. I smoothed it with my finger, pressing it into the crack. The material is self leveling, and when it dries to clear (about two days) it is invisible.

Tips: rubber-band a baggie over the kitchen faucet to remind yourself not to use it because moisture impairs the curing of the sealant. Have a bowl of water for cleanup of tools and fingers. Buy a new container of sealant, the old one was hard to squeeze.

Internet searches on how to clean mold from the sealant recommended ammonia and bleach (separately) but they only softened the sealant to make scraping it off easier. The vinegar kills the mold. If I can’t keep the crack dry, I have to keep it acidic.