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Brazil Camp 2017

Brazil Camp 2017

Sue Nelson and I signed up for the second week of Brazil Camp, but Sue had to move her participation to the first week and I could not join her because of the eclipse — can’t move an eclipse! Here are a few photos from the Saturday 26 August celebration that started at 11 a.m. and danced and drummed and paraded on until the 3 p.m. feast.

Dance Finale Brazil Camp 2017

The lady on the left joined us for lunch. She is a forensic architect who works on construction defects cases and had a fascinating story of how she got into that unusual line of work. Sue is dancing at the two o’clock position above.

https://drive.google.com/open?id=0ByZ1PCtxW2o4S1dSZ0tabV9IZFE 25 second clip of circle dance

Sue Dancing

Sue Nelson During Quiet Moment On Main Stage

Peas, Dance, Marilyn’s Farewell

Peas, Dance, Marilyn’s Farewell

Delora Porter offers sweet peas to classmates in Marilyn Smith's International Folk Dance Class

Delora Porter offers sweet peas to classmates in Marilyn Smith’s International Folk Dance Class

At the break in Marilyn Smith’s International Folk Dance Class, Delora Porter said, “Anyone want a pea?” and opened her container of snappin’ fresh peas from her garden. Marilyn Smith (green v-neck on the right) had just announced that she was planning not to teach Dance 40 next Autumn in the face of cutbacks at SRJC, after 46 years of teaching (doesn’t she look great?!).

At the far right is Julie, and flanking Delora are Sandy, who delighted us with her belly-dancing, and Beverly in the center of the photo. You will notice some Santa Rosa H.S. students who take this class as a P.E. credit.

Marilyn will continue to teach in the area, and her classes at Monroe Hall can be found on her website Razzmatazz.