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Tv Show “Bad Sisters”

Tv Show “Bad Sisters”

I subscribed to AppleTV+ to watch the new season of “Morning Show” and the premiere of “Lessons in Chemistry,” but the big find was “Bad Sisters,” originally titled “Emerald.” Brilliant writing, bang-on characterization of four Dublin sisters trying to help the fifth sister who is trapped in an emotionally-abusive marriage. And it’s funny!

Bad Girls Cast

Bibi, Grace, Eva, Ursula, Becka

It won a 2022 Peabody award and four nominations for Primetime Emmys and I am thrilled to learn that it has been renewed for a second season. Set in Dublin and shot on location in Ireland, it is based on the Flemish series “Clan” and was developed by Sharon Horgan who plays Eva, the eldest. Deeply Irish in the way it deals with the bad husband, it never considers divorce or trying therapy to get the physically-enormous-but emotionally-stunted man to grow up. The photo reflects that there is wine in nearly every shot as they are harried by an insurance firm run by two brothers who are secretly in deep financial trouble. It moves at a brisk pace and I loved that I could not figure out how it was going to end until we got there. Very satisfying.

iPad Orchestra Live Christmas Concert

iPad Orchestra Live Christmas Concert
iPad Orchestra Live Christmas Concert

Video of live performance by North Point Community Church’s iBand: Carol of the Bells, Rockin’ Around Christmas Tree, Feliz Navidad.

Apps used inlude: SoundGrid ($2.99, Universal), NLog Free Synth (Free, iPhone), Melody Bell ($0.99, iPhone), Guitarist ($3.99, iPhone), iGOG ($2.99, iPhone), Bassist ($2.99, iPhone), Pocket Organ ($2.99, Universal), Saxophone Musicofx ($0.99, iPhone) , Percussions ($1.99, iPhone), Bebot ($1.99, Universal), Pianist ($3.99, iPhone) and I Am T-Pain ($0.99, iPhone).

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Apple Care – What I learned

Apple Care – What I learned

Even though iTunes worked fine the day before when all I had was a tiny Shuffle, plugging in my new iPad it plunged me into a roller coaster ride that was so disorienting that I actually complimented Bill Gates before regaining my balance.

My big honkin’ desktop PC recognized the iPad promptly, but iTunes demanded an upgrade from 9.1 to 10.1. I complied while the iPad was still plugged in. I had to close iTunes and Safari partway through the software upgrade. Next time, I will unplug and close everything before upgrading because I learned that iTunes copies everything from the external Apple device to the PC, uses the PC to upgrade all the software, then re-installs it on the device. Lots can go wrong.

iTunes 10.1 kept crashing and removed the new $10 app I had just installed on the iPad the day before in the Apple store. Here’s what finally worked.

With no devices attached, open iTunes. Edit > Preferences > Devices. CHECK THE TOP BOX Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically. Notice the time and date of the last backup. Never restore from a corrupted backup, that is, something with time unknown or some other odd notation.

Next, plug in the device and MANUALLY transfer purchases from the device to iTunes. File > Transfer purchases. Now Sync the device to iTunes by clicking on the device name in the left column clicking the Sync button in the main frame on the right. After successfully syncing the current condition, only then do you ADD new material.

Adding photos: create separate iPad folders so that your original photo files cannot be seen or corrupted by iTunes. Keep each folder’s total below 40mb. If the transfer is balky, try smaller transfers. Small batches of photos on the iPad still can be accessed for an “all photos” slideshow.

Other notes Edit > Preferences > Advanced Tab > Keep iTunes Media folder organized

What are your iPad tips?

OMG! Ten Hours on the iPad

OMG! Ten Hours on the iPad
OMG! Ten Hours on the iPad

At 8 am Sunday morning, Howard and I went to Best Buy to get a wireless router. I had spent a couple of hours yesterday researching what we needed.

We set it up, that took till about 10, then he went to the airport and I tried to transfer photos to start a vacation slideshow.

Itunes, which worked perfectly yesterday, required and update, then crashed repeatedly. I rebooted, restarted itunes, and it ATE the keynote application I paid for and downloaded yesterday.

Enraged and frustrated, I drove back to the Apple store and found the guy who downloaded it with me. He got it reinstalled but could not help me with crashing iTunes or failed photo transfer. He gave me the phone number for Apple care.

I had the guy on the line for 90 minutes. He gave up, too, after I uninstalled and re-installed iTunes and 5 other Apple programs. But I didn’t give up. Just a few more hours of work and I finally got 17 photos transferred. The problem was that the transfer file size I was attempting was too large. They never even asked the question.

Neither of the Apple guys have an iPad. They are both waiting for the new one.

This model came out last April. My prediction is that the new one will come out a year later, in time for graduation gifts. Or maybe even the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas January 6, just a few weeks away..

Howard was stunned at the beauty of the slideshow. I am glad to be able to write an Email even though I turned off my big computer at 6 pm, exhausted.

I do love it. I see now that it is not just the elegant hardware, it is also the apps. The Android apps do not really compare. Thanks to my brothers and sisters, nephew and niece for making this possible.