Rosso – Rebuild Santa Rosa

Rosso – Rebuild Santa Rosa

Rosso Pizzeria on Montgomery Ave. teamed up with neighbors GoguetteBread and Riviera Pasta to host lunch on Sunday October 15 for friends and neighbors as a way to heal and connect with each other. This was a chance to meet Martha’s parents who moved to Villa Capri on Fountaingrove about eight weeks ago so that they could be closer to Martha and her sister Sally.

Things were going so well, Martha took her her vacation, planned months in advance, to Croatia. She returned on Tuesday, October 10. By then, this is what her parents new home looked like. The evacuation was a debacle, and Martha’s parents were left behind, in the dark, standing in the lobby in their bedclothes in the middle of the night.

Villa Capri Fountaingrove

The Remains of Villa Capri – the Oval of Ashes

Martha’s sisters picked her up from her trip with the news that her own house was okay but that she was under an evacuation order (which was overly cautious — she was not). They all huddled at Sally’s for several days, so this chance to go out and socialize was very welcome. Martha loves Rosso’s pizza and her father really enjoyed the Pesto Penne. Martha was thrilled to see them both sip a little wine — this would improve their much-needed afternoon nap.

David and Lilias

We enjoyed a Monepulciano d’Abruzzo from Faranese. It was nice to start to unwind after such a stressful week. We chatted with people at the tables around us and shared stories. The food was great!

Like many people, I eat to self-sooth. Most choose sweets, I like really good bread. GoGuetteBread decorated the bar with special loaves made for the occasion.

Warm farewells all around as Martha and her parents went to her place to give Sally a break. Don’t they look great for being in their 90’s? Thanks, Rosso, Riviera and GoGuetteBread!

Martha and her parents

The scorched remains of their life may have been removed without permit. Photo by Martha. Click photo for related article.

Villa Capri ruins by Martha

Photo by Martha of her parent’s home at Villa Capri

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