Larry and Nancy Get Married

Larry and Nancy Get Married

Martha at weddingLarry and Nancy have lived next door to Martha for many years, adjacent to Annadel Park and overlooking Spring Lake. Martha values their close friendship which developed over many dinners and rides to the airporter. They cook for each other as part of a monthly dinner group, and celebrated my birthday once with a great meal and cake.

Nancy was the one who urged me to take genealogy classes, overcoming my resistance to going to the LDS church classroom where they were held. I got to meet many of Larry’s hunter-friends, and sampled some wonderful venison chili. We all brought food — my contribution was my Irish Caponata: everything is gently sautéed in olive oil, no deep fat frying of the eggplant. The photographer captured this wonderful image of Martha in the late afternoon light.

The bride and groom about to cut the cake — can you find me in the picture?
Larry and Nancy cut the cake

While none of my cellphone pictures came out well, I certainly enjoyed taking them, and celebrating with Larry, Nancy, Martha, and Susan (in turquoise).
Taking Pictures at Wedding

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