Deb Turns 70

Deb Turns 70

I worked for weeks to spruce up the house and the garden to host a Saturday lunchtime party to celebrate Deb’s 70th birthday, which also marked her retirement announcement. We invited all the boating regulars and several of Deb’s friends from the YMCA and her neighborhood. I hung the Market Canopy from India for a festive touch. Dahlias graced the wooden flower bins front and back. I polished up the front garden and planted kale and marigolds in the raised beds on the side. Potted some bright calendula. Put a red serape on a folding table.

I was pleased that everyone brought something to share. Lots of sweets from Deb’s girlfriends. One brought a fabulous salad with homemade vinaigrette that was gobbled up in a jiffy. Brent brought a beautiful veggie platter.










The big thrill was the chocolate cake that Wayne made, and the chicken Parmesan that Justin (background) made. I cooked up some Trader Joe’s Lasagna that was popular.


Lori, Brent and Liam join Deb’s Friends

What I learned: No one sat in the living room, or at the kitchen table, or at the dining room table (which was unexpectedly covered with gift food), or on the teak settee in the back yard. The men sat at the little table covered with the serape. The plastic tablecloth clashed visually with the red Market Canopy. Justin’s dish required a knife and fork which was tricky on paper plates with plastic cutlery — chicken cut into bite-sized squares would have been easier. I should have used real plates because I had 11 guests. I used real forks for the cake.

No one asked for coffee. No one drank my beverages, they all brought their own, as requested. No one ate my sliced porcini or Mt. Tam cheese or sopresatta. It went 12 noon to 3pm.

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