Grape and Cheese Appetizer

Grape and Cheese Appetizer

Grape and Cheese on a Pretzel Stick

I prepared this for a Saunterers party, but I got there too late so I did not bring it in. Good thing, it was not a successful experiment. The cheddar, which I left out overnight to soften, just dried out along the edges. Is was too dense to accept the thick “butter twist” pretzels — the cubes just cracked. The butter twist pretzels were disgusting. Synthetic frankenfood. But the grapes would accept them.

I went back to the store and spent $3 on good pretzel sticks, but only used about 15. Next time, I have to find a small, snack-sized bag. Still, the cheddar was too dense. I need something like Velveeta or something more whipped. I used the green grapes with the orange cheese for aesthetics, then discovered that transporting them in the upright position was problematic. To use a shoebox, I needed an oblong plate. I guess I could transfer them from the box to the serving plate at the party.

The pretzels quickly become soggy, so this isn’t something that can be assembled in advance. Making this appetizing was trickier than I expected.

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