Getty Villa in Malibu Reopens!

Getty Villa in Malibu Reopens!

Had a great visit with my art buddy Sue Nelson who picked me up at LAX on Friday morning and whisked me to the beach for a fabulous avocado egg sandwich breakfast. Loved the woody parked on the street and the ceramic murals. Then we went to the Broad Museum to see the Jasper Johns show. We had a great lunch in the Central Market, then walked through Little Tokyo to the Hauser & Wirth gallery to see the Geta Br─âtescu show. She is a 92 year old Romanian with a dazzling eye wo was recently featured in the NYTimes. Best of all, we took a bus back to Sue’s car! Only cost fifty cents each and I got to see L.A. City Hall for the first time.


Anet with cast of Oddessey

The Getty visit was great. We had to pay for parking, but admission and tours are free with advance reservation. They had just reopened after an extensive renovation and the pools, which had been dry for years because of the drought, were filled with water. Even with all the fabulous art, architecture and gardens, they still had time to put on a silly “Oddessey” play spoofing and collapsing the epic poem into 12 minutes.

Sue and I were able to get free tickets to the 4 p.m. panel discussion including “Plato in L.A.” contributing artists Paul Chan (who was brilliant and recently published a new translation of Plato), Jeff Koons (who was profound), and Whitney McVeigh (who was the only female on the panel). The panel was hosted by guest curator Donatien Grau and the artists discussed their engagement with Plato and the creative process behind their work.



Here is a magnificent sculpture of Hercules. I was warming up my eyes for a planned visit to Pompeii in October.












Karen Koblitz ceramics

The next day, Sue drove us to a community college in Hawthorne to see the work of Karen Koblitz who was an ambassador to Azerbaijian which Sue recently visited. Karen has a lot of public art in Los Angeles area libraries, and much of her work reflects Black Sea cultures and her Jewish heritage. These artworks show a table lamp, picture frames and a hanging lamp all made in ceramic. Quite a dazzling range, and I think Sue made a new friend. She and Karen set a lunch date before we left.

On the last day of my visit, we treated ourselves to two movies: Ready Player One and The Rider. Had a great time. Thanks, Sue!

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