70th Surprise for Cousin Steve

70th Surprise for Cousin Steve

A very successful surprise party for my first cousin Steve at Kells Pub in Portland.

I was tasked with getting him to the restaurant without tipping the surprise. I told him that I was shopping in downtown Portland and that I would like to meet him for a bite to eat at 2:30 and told him that I would love a glass of Guinness. He suggested Kells (thank heaven!). Everyone gathered in the upstairs part room at 2 o’clock and took down the sign on the door “Dunne Family Party.”

Steve was on time, and as I was going through the motions of a complicated business transaction which I would have to ask for “a quieter space — do you know anything?” — my sister Laurie walked in because she was late coming from work and the sign was down. She made a hurried excuse and Steve didn’t really take notice. He suggested that we could find some quiet upstairs in the meeting room of the Ancient Order of the Hibernians (thank heaven).

Up the elevator we went, me thanking my sainted aunt, when Steve walked right past the silent party room to a small room in the corner and opened the door. I could see a ladder in the room and Steve said, “Oh, no. There are no chairs. It looks like they are painting.” I brightened and walked him back to the correct door and waited for him to open it for me, then stepped back as he saw it was full of shrieking kids and his family. A great fun time.

Kiah and JJ, granddaughters of Steve. JJ’s father Matt in background.

Putting Candles on the Cake

Red Vertical Line Marks Steve the Birthday Boy

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